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Money & emotions for investments

The world today is adopting a lot of practices mentioned in Indian yogic scriptures for multiple reasons like having a healthy lifestyle, achieving peace of mind, leading a happy life, developing a good personality & many more. Money is central to satisfying a lot of these objectives & life needs. This article delves into exploring […]

Why to invest money?

Why to invest money? – Easy investment options

Why to invest money? You must have come across various websites elaborating on the fact that investments are important ! In this post we capture this message with certain key facets on – Why to invest money?. This should ideally be helpful for young people looking forward to an aspiring career or a business of […]

Budget 2020 - Detailed Analysis

Budget 2020 – Detailed Analysis

Budget 2020 – Detailed Analysis Did you miss the Live coverage of Budget 2020 by Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman? If yes, here we have covered all you need to know with “Budget 2020 – Detailed Analysis”. In the longest budget speech ever, finance minister presented the budget demarcated into three main themes – […]

Managers driving your mutual fund investments

Managers driving your mutual fund investments

In our post on Mutual Funds in India, we talked about the 44 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) running the mutual funds in India. If you are investing in mutual funds, either through SIPs or by buying lumpsump units, your money would be invested by managers in these AMCs. In this post, we talk about the […]