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About us – Fintox

At Fintox, this tagline sums up all about us – we believe in “Making Investing Simple”.

You would have noticed that most individuals are accustomed to saving money. But, when it comes to investing, they tend to rely on external instinct.

We believe that by making investing simple to understand, you would be able to make right investment decisions at the right time. In most education systems, there is hardly any focus on making people learn directly about how money works, how is it generated and how can it be put to productive use to generate wealth.

Our approach

Usually, you would find that people invest for secondary reasons like saving on taxes, putting aside money for unstructured financial goals or follow the trends among the masses.

However, in order to be successful, one needs to know that the context for each individual varies. And depending on that one needs to take educated decisions to lead a financially independent life.

Also, it is important that you get unbiased information so that you can understand the investment dynamics, various asset class opportunities, investment risk & mitigation.

In order to achieve this, we pledged to collate easy to comprehend information which is based facts & figures available in public domain.

An initiative by Alumni of IIM Ahmedabad

About us

The Fintox Paradigm

“Fintox is an extension of my own tryst with investments.

It is an initiative to make people conscious about investments while making it simple for them to build wealth”. – Founder, Fintox

Short story about Fintox

“I made my first investment by opening a Public Provident Fund (PPF) account back in 2008. It was a decision i took based on my father’s advice.

In the hindsight, i think, it was a good decision, if not the best, given the level of financial literacy in India.

Only 3% Indians invest in stocks, mutual funds, FDs , PPF or P2P lending etc. Most Indians, prefer physical assets which can be seen, touched & felt like Real Estate (85+% of Indian wealth) or Gold (11% of Indian Wealth).

Even after passing out from IIM Ahmedabad in 2013, i could not take a step into investments in financial assets.

I encountered things that prevent us from investing like fear of loss, myths & rum-ours, complexity & lack of guidance etc.

Over the next 2 years, I read a lot of books, talked to a lot of people but I could not invest on my own.

The Eureka Moment

However, things changed and I took a leap beyond PPF after my marriage in 2016. My wife questioned why was I wasting time in reading and not investing at all. And that was the Eureka Moment !

She had been working in a Private Bank for 3 years, confidently selling mutual funds. She was making people invest @15% CAGR from a small town in Chattisgarh.

In January 2017, I opened my Demat Account and since then its been no looking back. I am really confident about stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, commodities, P2P lending & alternative investments. Though not a billionaire yet, but I really feel that i gained the attitude to be one soon.

Being financially independent is one of the best things. And all it takes is discipline, persistent attitude, the right guidance, patience & avoiding excuses.

With Fintox, i wish to make investing simple, help people in being financially independent & build an investment conscious nation.” – Founder, Fintox

How to use Fintox?

In order to make the most of Fintox, you first need to cultivate the habit of reading. Most of the content that we are developing is filled with text, info-graphics, images & quotes.

On the home page of our website, you would come across the following key sections –

Newsbyte – This aims to cover the key investment relate news that you be abreast with. This helps to be on top of all the key updates that might affect your investment portfolio.

Economy – In order to understand various asset classes, you need to know the economic structure, facts, figures, industry dynamics, government regulations, policies etc. In this section, we try to cover all economy related updates in a shorthand format for a quick read.

Stock Market – This section provides you with key information you need for investments in stocks. You can learn about simple concepts, investment styles, process, execution strategy, tax implications and portfolio management.

Mutual Funds – This section provides you with key information you need for investments in mutual funds. We have collated data for shortlisting mutual funds, being aware of key considerations, mutual fund portfolios, important details etc.

P2P Lending – This section provides you with key information you need for investments in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending. This is emerging as an alternate investment option for earning double digit returns.

Finomance – Your investment guide. We are building this up as step by step guide to invest in financial assets. You can check about this under our services section once published.

Finossary – With Finossary, we aim to create templates that can be used for easy financial planning. You can check about this under our services section once published.

Our Culture

At Fintox, we have really open culture with passionate content developers working across the globe. We believe that you can work from anywhere, at anytime and collaborate with others to deliver value.

You don’t need to follow any work timings, office visits, meetings rather you can simply connect based on work requirement.

One should join with a belief that each individual aspires to better not only their own life but also bring value to others.

At Fintox, you are welcome to make mistakes and learn to deliver better next time. We strive for continuous improvement & excellence in our work through sustained efforts & customer feedback.

Follow Fintox

You should follow all about us on social media – Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram & it would be great if you can help us in spreading the work.

Also, you can reach us at [email protected] or continue exploring our content.

You can join us as a content contributor by simply writing us an email at [email protected] or dropping a message on our social media.

Our Values

At Fintox, we believe in channeling our passion towards driving financial literacy with 100% commitment & dedication. We resolve to democratize investment knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way for the masses.


We are eagerly enthusiastic about making your money work for you. We are determined to make investing simple for building wealth.


At Fintox, we strive towards democratizing investment knowledge with thought leadership content.


We enjoy talking about money & how its productive use can help you lead a financially independent life. Our team is dedicated to help you achieve financial freedom.