Top 5 Industries

Top 5 Indian Industries by Operating Margins

Which are the top 5 Indian industries by Operating Margins (OPM)? As you gear up to build wealth from stock markets in India over the next 10 years, probably one thing which can help in selecting the right industries is Operating Margin. Is it important to look at Operating Margins? This is important because if […]

Corporate Governance in India

Primary Corporate Governance in India

Every continent and nation ought to be brought under the light of good corporate governance. How do we recognize whether a country is performing up to the mark or not? How is primary corporate governance in India ? We look into various indices, statistical reports, conduct surveys and finally look into the gross domestic product of a country. In […]

A Quick Take On Education Today!

A Take On Education Today!

If we were to just sit back and analyse the number of people who enrolled for online education programs in 2018, versus the number of people who now enrol for courses, we would notice that there has been a drastic surge in the demand for such programs.  Even before the onset of the pandemic, the […]

India’s Road To Recovery

India’s Road To Recovery

Introduction With the onset of the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, emerged trying times which restricted travel, stalled labour and forced companies to again adopt the work from home model.  If we were to take a look at the current economic situation, the overall growth in GDP seems stalled, unemployment is at an […]

Who All Are Investing In The Stock Market ?

Who Are Investing In The Stock Market ?

An Insight Into Segments Of Society From A Different Perspective If we were conduct a study about various patterns amongst salaried individuals, we will come across many research papers that focus on the impact of various variables on the choice of investment decisions and the selection of different financial instruments. In 2011, there was a […]

Financial Instruments In The Market

Financial Instruments In The Market

Introduction When it comes to making an investment, I prefer visiting banks as that is where I get financial advice and assistance from certified wealth management professionals. Visiting the bank has always been useful as bankers showcase all kinds of financial products. As a customer, this becomes easier to decide as you get to weigh […]