Corporate Governance in India

Primary Corporate Governance in India

Every continent and nation ought to be brought under the light of good corporate governance. How do we recognize whether a country is performing up to the mark or not? How is primary corporate governance in India ? We look into various indices, statistical reports, conduct surveys and finally look into the gross domestic product of a country. In […]

Financial Instruments In The Market

Financial Instruments In The Market

Introduction When it comes to making an investment, I prefer visiting banks as that is where I get financial advice and assistance from certified wealth management professionals. Visiting the bank has always been useful as bankers showcase all kinds of financial products. As a customer, this becomes easier to decide as you get to weigh […]

How Will The Davos Agenda Help India?

How Will The Davos Agenda Help India ?

By Abhishek Katti Introduction – What is Davos Agenda? Every year, the World Economic Forum takes the opportunity to organize an event in Davos which is in Switzerland. It is a platform where world leaders are invited along with some of the most notable dignitaries from across the globe to mobilize solutions for some of […]

Cryptocurrencies & The Future

The Future Of Cryptocurrencies

By Medha Rijal Introduction We synonymously use terms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin but how many of us are aware of these currencies? If I walked into a room, how many people could I expect to trade in cryptocurrencies? How has the cryptocurrency market evolved over a considerable period of time? What is the […]

A Quick Comparison Between PPF & PF

A Quick Comparison Between PPF & PF

By Aryan Bharti Introduction At least once, one does think of taking an exposure towards equity either directly through stocks or via mutual funds. However, generally stock market and mutual funds are considered to carry a amount of higher risk. Indian investors prefer stable returns and when we look at the most prominent investment opportunities […]

The 7 Seven Golden Rules For Financial Wellness

The 7 Golden Rules for Financial Wellness

By Abhishek Katti Introduction A common pre-conceived notion that is prevalent amongst various communities is that savings can only be improved with reducing risks and expenditure over and above basic necessities. Infact there are certain coveted tenets about improving the standard of living along with keeping the bank balance intact. Before we elaborate on the […]

7 Reasons Why Women Are Better Stock Investors

Are Women Better Stock Market Investors?

By Medha Rijal Even after years of economic progression, it is assumed that making an investment is the job of a man. Women live under the shadow of knowing little and hesitate when it comes to taking charge. The question that we are here to counterfeit is that, are women better stock market investors? To […]

Financial Plans For 2021

Financial Plans for 2021

By Medha Rijal The Year 2020 At A Glance The year 2020 was nothing short of an upheaval of emotions. With the onset of the pandemic , we experienced a series of unforeseen economic events. With a considerable number of job losses and slowdown in the economy, it makes it even more important for us […]

5 industries set to boom after COVID -19

5 Industries set to boom after COVID-19

By Abhishek Katti Since the onset of COVID 19, all  industries and companies have been affected adversely. Most of these industries were not resilient enough to face such a situation, let alone even be  prepared. The emerging culture of “Work from Home” proved to be futile as reported by Bloomberg. However, even in the light […]

The power of compounding

The Power Of Compounding

By Medha Rijal All of us have come across the power of compounding but very few actually do know it’s significance. Aging as old as the 17thcentury, compounding was considered as the eighth wonder of the world. As quoted by Albert Einstein,”Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns […]

Why women should take own investment decisions?

Why Should Women Take Their Own Investment Decisions ?

By Medha Rijal If you were to take a leaf from the past, it would not surprise you to conclude that even though women are in charge of looking into the day to day management of the house, majority shy away from taking responsibility of managing their own investments. By stating this I am not […]

India China1

India vs China : Economic comparison & dependence

With the recent standoff at the Galwan valley, you may be worried if the situation will escalate or would there be a disengagement? Also, would there be a boycott of Chinese products and services in India? In order to answer these questions, we need to understand the dependence between the two economies and look at […]

10 tips to deal with financial stress & job loss due to Covid 19?

10 tips to deal with financial stress & job loss due to Covid 19

History stands testimony to the fact that whenever mankind faced adversities they adapted itself to the challenges and impact caused by it. Just like the Great depression, Dot-com bubble bust, and the 2008 financial crash in the past, Covid-19 pandemic is going to change the way people work and deal with the financial stress associated […]

Female Financial Literacy

Awakening the female financial literacy in India

Awakening the female financial literacy in India The persona of women has seen a paradigm shift from what it was 10 years back to what it is today. Today she is not only the creator but the foundation of a family both emotionally and economically. She is getting educated, and knows how to use her […]

Why marwaris are successful with money?

Why Marwaris are successful with money?

Why Marwaris are successful with money? If you travel to small villages in Shekhawati region in Rajasthan, India, you would come across with a handful of palaces dotting the area. These palaces represent the trails of one of the most successful communities in India called the Marwaris. For most of the times in Indian business […]