Are Cryptocurrencies Still The Future ?

Are Cryptocurrencies Still The Future ?

Introduction Cryptocurrencies are looked at as profitable instruments to park funds. Much to the likes of numerous investors, Elon Musk made a public announcement in the month of March, stating that Tesla would now start accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment on the purchase of its cars. This boosted the confidence of numerous retail […]

Should IP Rights On Vaccines Be Wavered

Should IP Rights on Vaccines Be Wavered?

Vaccination For COVID 19 The WHO declared the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic on 11th March, 2020. As it was for the first time that humans were infected with the virus, it was only after twelve months of research and development that eight vaccines were approved to be used globally. To name a few, […]

How To Invest In US Stocks From India

How to Invest In US Stocks From India

There are multiple foreign companies dominating the global market. These include companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Samsung, Netflix and Facebook. These companies are global leaders and generate high returns for their investors. In the financial year 2020, Tesla ‘s stock skyrocketed and surged up to 740%, making it one of the hottest stocks listed on […]

How Will The Davos Agenda Help India?

How Will The Davos Agenda Help India ?

By Abhishek Katti Introduction – What is Davos Agenda? Every year, the World Economic Forum takes the opportunity to organize an event in Davos which is in Switzerland. It is a platform where world leaders are invited along with some of the most notable dignitaries from across the globe to mobilize solutions for some of […]

A Short Take On The LIC IPO

A Short Take On The LIC IPO

By Abhishek Katti When Was The IPO announced ? During the budget speech, which was addressed by the Honorable Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman, the Life Insurance Corporation of  India Limited was highlighted under the context of strategic disinvestment. On the 1st of February 2020, while the speech was being delivered, it was conveyed in the lower house that listing of a company on the stock market brings discipline in the operations of that particular company […]

Cryptocurrencies & The Future

The Future Of Cryptocurrencies

By Medha Rijal Introduction We synonymously use terms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin but how many of us are aware of these currencies? If I walked into a room, how many people could I expect to trade in cryptocurrencies? How has the cryptocurrency market evolved over a considerable period of time? What is the […]