Upcoming IPOs Of 2021

Upcoming IPOs Of 2021

Economic Progress Of 2020 2020 was a roller coaster ride for the stock market. With the onset of the pandemic, the prices of stocks fell only to shoot up in December. During the month of December, the Sensex rallied to cross the 46,000 mark for the first time. The Nifty Index topped INR 13,500, setting […]

How Does IPO Allotment Work?

How does IPO allotment work?

By Abhishek Katti It is a well known fact that any firm requires capital for its regular functioning and repayment of debt to banks. Here is when Initial Public Offering ( IPO) comes into the picture. Before moving on to the process of IPO allotment, which sounds a little complex, it would be in the best interest of the readers to know what actually is an IPO, how do companies register for one and how does IPO allotment work? What Is An IPO? To understand how does IPO allotment work, we need to first understand what is an IPO. Every firm starts with a minimal level of funding that usually originates from family, friends and their […]

7 Reasons Why Women Are Better Stock Investors

Are Women Better Stock Market Investors?

By Medha Rijal Even after years of economic progression, it is assumed that making an investment is the job of a man. Women live under the shadow of knowing little and hesitate when it comes to taking charge. The question that we are here to counterfeit is that, are women better stock market investors? To […]

Financial Plans For 2021

Financial Plans for 2021

By Medha Rijal The Year 2020 At A Glance The year 2020 was nothing short of an upheaval of emotions. With the onset of the pandemic , we experienced a series of unforeseen economic events. With a considerable number of job losses and slowdown in the economy, it makes it even more important for us […]

Five Steps To Open A Demat Account

Five Steps To Open A Demat Account

By Nupur Verma When we think of opening a Demat account, what are the different parameters we need to keep a check of ? Well, this article elaborately teaches you the nuances you could face by dividing it into five steps. Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness comes when you respect and value a 10 rupee note […]

5 things to know while applying for IPO

5 things to know while applying for an IPO

By Aryan Bharti 5 things to know while applying for an IPO makes sense only when we delve into the performance of the economy and the markets. If you come to think of it, the only great news at the time of lockdown is the increasing growth in the share markets. The markets reaching their […]