Fintox Stock Market Workshop

Fintox Stock Market Workshop

We have 2 batches – beginner & advanced

Beginner – For people looking forward to start with stocks or yet to open Demat account

Advanced – For people clear with basics or at least 2 years of stock market experience.

Next Workshop starts from -> 14th Nov 2021

Presenter Profile

The workshop is being conducted online by Mr. Nikhil Prabhakar, IIM A & NIT A Alumni with 12+ years of investment experience. He founded Fintox in 2019 to make investing simple and to drive financial literacy across the globe.

Presenter - Nikhil Prabhakar for Workshop

Workshop Content

This workshop covers the concepts required for investments in stock markets.

The focus of the workshop is on implementation and reality of stock markets.

Stock Market Workshop - Design Framework

Workshop Schedule

Schedule of the workshop is as mentioned below.

For each session for beginners on Sunday, there is repeat session on Monday. Participants can join any or both the time slots as per convenience.

Beginner Workshop

1. Introduction to stock markets & demat

2. Understanding ways in which equity asset class earns

3. Understanding financially sound companies & assessment tools

4. Spotting price bands & directional trends

5. Leveraging financial statements

Advanced Workshop

1. Decoding the India Stock Market Structure

2. Leveraging BSE classifications & Industry Splits

3. Applying fundamental analysis to spot multi-baggers           

4. Using technical analysis for entry & exit

5. Qualitative analysis for long term investments

Fintox Stock Market Workshop – Participants

Stock Market Workshop - Participants

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